Creative Direction for branding, marketing, e-commerce, annual reports, print production, digital, and your creative projects.

Lottomatica Code of Conduct
Graphic Design, Corporate Communication
Smyrna Life Magazine
Graphic Design
BBQ-AID Brand Guide
Graphic Design, Branding
Hively Impact Report 2021
Graphic Design, Branding, Annual Report
Infographics for IMG Academy
Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration
Center For Public Justice
Graphic Design, Annual Report
Lottery Tickets
Graphic Design, Print Design
Plan USA online ads
Advertising, Graphic Design
Special Event Invitation
Graphic Design, Print Design
Rhodes Event Invitation
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Marketing & Advertising for Sennheiser
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design, Branding
GFLEX Fitness Center
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Icons and Logos
Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design
Compassionate T's
Fashion, Graphic Design, Illustration
Full of Beans Website
Web Design, Photography, Graphic Design
LDN website
Graphic Design, Web Design
SHS Crew website
Photography, Web Design, Web Development
Web Design, Web Development
Print Advertising
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising
B2B Sales Flyer for OPUS Fastlign
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print Design
Chamber of Commerce Brochure
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Print Design
Photography Mailer
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Corporate Posters
Digital Art, Illustration, Print Design
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